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Wesley: "We have to assume we crossed some powerful forces when we took over this company."

Angel: "Well, they're all trying to bring us down. The perception is that we're weak."

Wes: "No. The perception is I'm weak. That's why they went for me."

Angel: "They're wrong. You do what you have to do to protect the people around you. To do what you know is right, regardless of the cost. You know, I never really understood that. You're the guy who makes all the hard decisions. Even if you have to make them alone."

- Angel 5.7, "Lineage"

A former Watcher (his father seems to agree that his son's "tenure as watcher ranks as our most embarrassing failure"), Wesley has struggled to find his place, both in the "real" world and the world of shadows and demons.

Cast out of the Watcher's Council for his inability to manage Faith, Wesley left Sunnydale to become a "rogue demon hunter." Fortunately, he soon ended up in Los Angeles, and became a valued--if still struggling--member of Team Angel. As Angel eventually realized, Wesley was often faced with difficult choices, and had a bad habit of always making them alone.

In the end, though, Wesley proved himself one of Angel's most valued allies, and he played an important role in the 'take-over'(?) of Wolfram & Hart.

Then came "Not Fade Away...," and Wesley's devastating defeat by the far more powerful sorcerer, and Circle of the Black Thorn member, Cyvus Vail. Illyria arrived too late to save his life, but in a surprising moment of compassion, she comforted Wesley in his final moments--then rose again to decimate Vail.

Wesley arrived in Milliways moments after his death. And for a long time he remained there, Bound to the bar.

But eventually Illyria and Angel, in a very unlikely alliance, worked together to bring Wesley back from the dead, in an incredibly ill-advised plan that played out here and here. Much time has passed in the bar since then, but for Wesley it hasn't been nearly as long, and he is still getting used to the fact that he is once again alive and free to go where he wills.

Wesley appears to be a normal human being. He tends to dress in darker colors or earth tones, in a fairly typical upscale/urban style. Wesley does have the Gift, but his magical ability falls well short of his knowledge of magic and the occult. Whether his death will change this remains to be seen.

Wesley Wyndham-Pryce is from TV-series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel," and is the property of Joss Whedon and Fox. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in Milliways Bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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